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When you are running small hospital or clinic in partnership then it becomes very important to trace business done by individual doctor or service provider to make the proper flow of money. Also, you would like to maintain inventory of medicines, write prescriptions and issuing discharge slip. It has everything. So give a try to know what you can achieve.

Small Shops

If you are running a small grocery store or any other shop, then hiring a dedicated person is time consuming and expensive. BOKAS free accounting software makes your job easier because of its simple interface. Every small transaction can be pushed in to relevant GSTR. Every month you can export GSTR-1 and can upload on GSNT portal or can provide it to your CA to upload.

Medium Business

Medium business has its own challenges. Growth needs money, but saving is important which can be reinvested to business critical need. BOKAS can be configured to use high end SQL Server/Or Express free edition. The database can be hosted remotely and can be accessed over VPN. Multiple store can be created in the same database with central management.

BOKAS GST Software Features

Point of Sale


BOASK is easy to use software which can be hosted locally or on the server and can be accessed from multiple locations. Multiple store support makes it unique from other software. All store, share same database but completely from other i.e. maintains own logo, own formatted invoice, and see and modify own accounting detail. Every transaction updates relevant GSTR-1 which can be exported and can be uploaded to GSTN portal. This makes your GST related work very easy. Discount and promotional related feature can be specified on inventory level or applied during the sale. Sale invoice can be printed into A4, A6 or POS size as well as can be sent a soft copy through the mail. Every transaction through this Point of sale software updates stock immediately.

Salary management

Employee salary management is a critical part of the business workflow. BOKAS point of sale makes it easy. The administrator can specify/ modify salary of the employee and can add this in to schedule payment or can do it manually. Relevant account parameter will be adjusted automatically.

Schedule and recurring Payment

Point of sale software is not complete without this. For example, if you are running an internet business, and provide recurring invoices to the customer then you can't work without this feature. Create product and services and assign this to customer’s schedule transaction and you are done. Multitasking keeps checking such recurring payment and send invoice to the customer automatically if you have correctly configured email settings. It comes with DKIM signature which ensure that your invoice get delivered in primary inbox and in Spam.

Inventory & Stock Management


Inventory management is also a great feature in software which makes it unique compare to other, making it best point of sale software (POS). One can assign HSN code or custom made tax for the product. Product can be differentiated based on Lot number, color, size and Attribute, supplier and HSN tax assigned to it. So it minimizes the chance of mistake while creating inventories. Bar Code scan will show all products if found similar SKU or name to select one.

Adding Service

BOKAS not only support adding inventory based product, but it also adds not stock base entity like services. So for example, if you are buying or selling Advertisement, doctors providing consultancy etc, then do it in with ease. One can also add component in that particular service to make it group.

Barcode Label Support


Software Support both Linear as well as QRCode on invoice and reading inventory. If selling loose items, then you can use any available bar code printer machine and configured bar code text as Principle bar code – quantity. So, if your principle bar code is 123XYZ and Quantity is 1 kg then printing format will be 123XYZ-1. It is also capable to read bar code of various available bar code weighing machine.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

BOKAS record every transaction and immediately record various accounting parameters like current asset, fixed asset, liabilities receivable, etc. It also gives you information like reverse charges, taxes and sale commission you paid. One can view balance sheet on a particular date and mistake can be rectified by modifying it. Is not it great. All necessary data during the particular period can be exported into XLS formats. Debit and Credit note can be issued against particular invoice.

Access restriction


One who install software first become power customer and hold right to create new store, Store power customer and operator account. Non power customer like operator can’t view and modify general settings and balance sheet


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