Scheduled Recurring Transaction in Accounting Software



The BOKAS GST accounting software handles scheduled recurring transaction very efficiently. You can set this transaction in customer page. Select date on which scheduled or recurring transaction is intended along with frequency. Select offering and its variant and add.

After it is scheduled, it will automatically post a transaction in the database and will email to customer if the email setting is properly configured. The software will record this transaction with payment status pending and data will not be pushed in GSTR-1. Once its payment status is changed to confirm then only as per the business type in GST software, it will push data into relevant GSTR.


Transactions which can be schedule

  1. Office rent payment

  2. Monthly bill payment like utilities, mobile, loan etc.

  3. Consultation fee of doctor

  4. Internet service fee if you are internet service provider

  5. Cable operator who issue bill monthly

  6. Purchase order of supplies


Any time this scheduled transaction can be removed by editing customer to which it is assigned. In case customer has not paid the amount of generated invoices then pending amount will be added in the next billing cycle cancelling old invoices automatically.


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