How to Access Software Remotely

BOKAS is desktop based software which work on individual machine as well can be access from multiple location. If you are having offices in the different locations and want to access software from all those locations, then it is very easy to configure the the software. Host database on remote server over VPN and you are ready to access our GST and POS accounting software anytime and anywhere on laptop and computer just like it is local on your machine


How to configure GST and accounting software to access remotely?

  1. Take cloud server first or if you have own IT infrastructure then you can use your own

  2. Your computers through which you want to access database should on network through VPN i.e. virtual private network along with your server. VPN should be remote access VPN. We can help you to find suitable VPN provider

  3. Now keep your database on server

  4. Right click on My Computer-> Map Network Drive

  5. Map your folder on server where your database resides.

  6. In your local computer go to folder “C:\Users\Public\Documents\BOKAS”

  7. Inside setting.XML file, change the path to network path which you have just mapped

  8. You are done and now can access the software simultaneously from many locations.

Limitation of hosting database on server - Every benefit comes with some drawback which is listed below

  1. When your Internet network is down then you wouldn't be able to access software. However in Version 2.0 we will make it to work off-line and data will be pushed on server once Internet connection is resumed.

  2. If your Internet speed in not good then if will affect software's performance drastically


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