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Softare For Medical Practitioner

How medical Practiosner can use bokas?

If you are running hospital or clinic then BOKAS has lots of things to customize your work. You can generate invoices which insurance company always ask for. To do that

1. You register yourself as a customer (of doctor attribute) and patient who visit to you as a customer (of patient attribute) .

2. In Admin panel, Create Offering of type Services of income. In Name field type "Consultation Fee" and save.

3. In the Variant group box, search recently created service i.e. "Consultation Fee" and then in the Services group box, assign it to you. Keep cost field empty if you charge different fee from different customer.

4. In transaction page, search customer and then type services name, i.e. "Consultation Fee" in offering text box and press add button. Save transaction and then in upper grid view click on Edit transaction. Both Invoice and Print doctor prescribes will be enabled. You can print and prescribe medicine on it.



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