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Time is changing and things are getting digitize day by day for the better management of our life and businesses. However, Being the brother of renowned doctors, I know how much This healthcare community is reluctant to use the software and other Technologies. Doctors, whose sole purpose is to concentrate on treating patients, hesitate to invest time in learning software. However, BOKAS is different and one can learn by just visualizing the application. It will help you in following way


  1. Maintaining patient Electronic health record (EHR)

  2. Writing digital Prescription

  3. Or print plain prescription

  4. Look the accounting details

  5. Maintain medicine inventory

  6. Maintain service inventory like consultation fee etc.

  7. if working with group of doctors then find business done by Individual to distribute income


BOKAS as Hospital & Medical Software


So Lets learn with, fun to use this software. To Install Software follow this link.

You can also follow Blog for the Help

Register Customer


  1. Register yourself as a customer of doctor type attribute.

  2. Correctly enter your qualification which will be shown on Top right of prescription

  3. In administration, Write down your Hospital/Clinic Name and address which will show on Top left of the prescription

  4. Register your patient as patient type attribute. Let's assume You have registered Mr Mohan as Patient.

  5. Create Inventory Item. Lets Start with Consultation Fee.


Create Inventory & Services


  1. In Administration, In the Offering Tab, Select proper department and in the name field writes "Consultation Fee". Make sure service radio button is selected. Save this info by pressing "+" Button

  2. In The Variant Tab, under proper department, Type consultation fee and search. I search goes well then Services group box will be enabled.

  3. Associate it to self/Doctor type customer. If consultation fee is common for everyone, then type that amount into the cost field else keep this empty. Save this info by pressing "+" Button


Do Transaction


  1. On customer transaction page, type complete name "Mohan" or just "m" or "moh" or "Han" and software will search all matching names. Select one whom you wish to charge the consultation fee.

  2. In Sale/Purchase Tab, under the proper department, of which service has been registered, Type full name "Consultation Fee" or partial name like "C" in Offering Text Box and Press "+" Button. Item will added

  3. Save Transaction and then In upper grid view, Click on "Edit". This will enable all relevant Button at the top. Click on the required button to proceed.


Note:- Prescription Buttons will be enabled only when services (Consultation Fee in the above example) are assigned to customer of attribute "Doctor" Let me know If this easy or difficult?

In case of difficulties, write email to and you can expect reply on weekend.



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