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Simple Steps to Get Familiar with Software

Installation Guide


Step1 - Run installer with default option. If Software installed correctly then fine. Enjoy it else follow step 2



  1. Delete all file in location C:\Users\Public\Documents\BOKAS

  2. Install .NET Framework from here. if Your system is windows 7 OR Windows 8 and Service pack 1 is not installed then install it first else installation of .NET framework will fail.

  3. After that install BOKAS again


Database File Path


Default path of database setting file(Settings.xml) & database file(BOKAS.db3) is in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\BOKAS". Database file can be placed to different location but not the setting file. If you wish to change the location of database file, then update the new path in setting.xml. Setting file can be edited by any text editor.


You can place the database file in Dropbox folder as well and any update on remote PC database will be immediately available if synced,  and after pressing Ctrl + U on active BOKAS application. Ctr+U , reload database in memory. 

How to use Software

Note1:- On Invoices, for services, SAC code will displayed where as for products it will show HSN code if proper code has been assigned while adding inventory. If your SAC/HSN code do not exist then close the application and then modify HSN.CSV which is in Installed directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\BOKAS) of BOKAS. You can also create own custom tax type and assign it to products or services. We recommend to use A6 or POS printing size as it will save paper.

Note1:- Default, HSN.CSV is in installed directory of BOKAS. However, It is strongly advised to change path of HSN.CSV In Administration->Settings. If not done then every new install will override the HSN.CSV with the default one.

Step 1:- Setup Admin detail & bank account

(Note- Bank account can be assigned to all registered customer)

After customer is added, Search customer by clicking on "Search Button".(Customer can be searched through name, pan, email ,mobile number etc). If search find the Customer then it will be displayed in grid view. Then click edit.

Post which you can create & assign bank detail and edit various information as well.

 Note: - Admin is power customer of store and hold full right to edit content, customer, settings or even can create new store as well

Step 2:- Setup Opening Balance Sheet

After software installation, create opening balance. Closing balance of financial year will be opening balance of new financial year. So

  1. go to Administration->Balance Sheet and modify balance sheet

  2. Add Owner’s equity from Administration->General Settings

 Note: - This step can be skipped and later on balance sheet can be modified with assistance from your charted accountant

Step 3:- Add customer for transaction( On Transaction Page)


  1. Add customer to whom you wish to transact. For all B2B transaction, customer registration is necessary with following information​

  2. Customer registration is not mandatory for B2C transaction.  

  3. For B2B transaction, go to transaction page, type email or mobile number and click search. If the software finds customer with relevant information then “+ Transaction” button will be enabled. Click on “+ Transaction” button to start transaction.

  4. For B2C Transaction, press Ctrl + N


Step 4:- Create Inventory/Purchase

To sell something, first you need to have some inventory for

  1. Product

  2. Services

There are two way to create inventory:-

  1. Through Purchase - After Step 2, type “new” in offering field and press “Enter”. This will popup dialogue box. Enter relevant detail and then click “OK” and then save transaction. This will updated inventory which you can check on the Administration->Offering page.

  2. Directly adding inventory in offering page

    • In the offering group box , type offering name and select appropriate offering type category
    • Press “+” button to save, “-“ button to delete and “+/-“ to update
    • In the variant group box, type name of the offering you have just added in previous step
    • Click on search. If search finds that particular offering then based on offering type appropriate product or services group box will be enabled.
    • Add relevant detail like MRP, MPP (maximum purchase price), SP (selling price) etc. Use HSN code or custom made taxes to assign tax to variant and then save(+) or Edit(+/-)
    • If you offer services to different client at the different price/cost then make sure cost field has value 0. At the time of transaction, it will ask you price/cost information.

Note: -

  • Purchase of services of type expenses do not need inventory. Example- Purchase of “Hording Advertisement” which is of type expenses.

  • Creating and updating inventory through purchase is ideal way as it maintain balance sheet equation i.e. Asset = Liability.

Step 5:- Sell Product/Services

  1. On transaction page press Ctrl + N

  2. Type name of product/services and press “Enter”. You can you bar code scanner as well. Point mouse cursor to “Offering” field and scan product bar code.

  3. Save transaction.

  4. Now click on edit transaction and print invoice.

  5. If, in any of order item contain services associated to customer of type “Doctor” then “Print Doctor Prescription” button will be enabled.

  6. Transaction can be updated or modified at any time.


Step 6:- Export GSTR of outward sale

  1. Go to Administration -> Balance Sheet

  2. Select date range and business type (B2C, B2CS etc…) & press search button

  3.  Export GSTR in XLS.

Step 7:- Export Balance sheet

  1. Software record all sale and purchase transaction and accordingly updated balance sheet.

  2. To export balance sheet, click on “Export Balance Sheet”. Select date range and click “OK”. This will export data of opening and closing balance in XLS.

  3. You can keep updating real cash and bank balance in the balance sheet. However, in case asset is not equal to liability then the difference will be added in suspense account. The possible reasons of suspense account are

    • Opening balance sheet information like bank balance and equity is not correct.

    • You did some manual invoicing and then forgot to add in software

Step 8:- Print Invoice

  1. Set company detail in Administration->Settings. Always user enter keyword to start text in new line in invoice left header

  2. Press Ctrl + F  for all or search specific transaction and click on edit. Then click Print Slip. See sample Invoice here 

Note:- If you are done with an experiment and now want to go ahead with fresh start, then delete database file and settings which is in the user's document directory i.e. inside C:\Users\Public\Documents\BOKAS. Now start application and it will ask to set up database again.  


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